Four reasons why blogging is the backbone of business today

Blogging simply means publishing articles, that are relevant to the products you are selling or services that you provide, on your website frequently. The published articles should focus on the industry in which your business operate, updates that relate to the company or industry, and the business offerings. The number of blogs each month, and even the frequency with which the articles should be published vary basing on the business model (B2C or B2B) of your company. You should consider your business strategy when deciding the same. There is a broad array of reasons why blogging is becoming the backbone of any business today. Here are the most important reasons.

1. Improve visibility

Writing relevant content is beneficial. It will attract visitors to your site. To improve the visibility of your blog, you should market your articles in various social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook among others. Also, social bookmarking sites (such as StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit), and business forums will ensure visibility of your blog. Indeed, your content quality will attract visitors to your website.

2. Cost-effective

Blogging is a cost-effective content marketing strategy. Your blog will be your asset since will stay as long as your company is active. It is a one-time effort. However, the benefits are big.

3. Branding and thought leadership

The quality of your content and the ideas that are expressed in your blog becomes the Unique Selling Proportion (USP) for your brand building. Besides, it will promote you as a “Thought Leader“ in your business sector. For sure, your blog is the ambassador of your brand & the ideas or thoughts that you preach and share. That way, you will be able to attract more visitors to your website and increase your sales.

4. Improves SEO

Search engines require fresh content. Blogging is the best way for you to keep feeding unique content to your website. Frequent blogs provide the needed fodder for search engines which will identify your site as a reliable one. You should include article topics, services or products, businesses, and keywords that you want to showcase & get recognized by search engines in your blog. This will bring new visitors to your website.

The above are four reasons why blogging is becoming the backbone of any business today.

Eight benefits of running a home-based online business

The current issues such as unstable economies, job instability, pay cuts, skyrocketing unemployment rates have raised concern to most of us. In fact, a considerable number of folks now want to become self-employed. However, most of the people have now realized that it is possible to make money online working from home. Although network marketing has seen a mild use for decades, it is now becoming a popular way of making additional income. You can do it as part-time or full-time job depending on the amount of money you want. Here are eight benefits of running a home-based online business. Home Business

1. Easy to kick-off unlike most traditional brick and mortar businesses

Starting an online business require less capital. Additionally, it involves less financial risks.

2. You become your boss

Adhering to the strict routines set by an employer can be very challenging to some of us but with online business, you set your working schedule. Besides, you do not have to report to anyone at specific times of each day.

3. Unlimited income potential

With an online business, you can create as much money as you want unlike that of an employer where regardless of how hard you work, you are still getting paid at the same rate.

4. No expenses incurred in commuting to work and back home each day

Therefore, you will avoid time and money wastage.

5. Easy to run

You do not have to hire many employees to run hence you can save a lot of money.

6. No need of keeping inventory

Therefore, you don`t have to hire a lot of storage space. This implies low operating costs.

7. You can leverage your business by connecting with other huge network marketing companies.

Leveraging tools also allow you to connect with your potential buyers easily.

8. Taxation benefits.

By running a home based business, you can easily claim a large percentage of tax deductions on things such as phone, power, internet, rent, vehicle costs and other related costs.

These are the benefits of running a home-based online business.

Five simple ways to get to the top of Google search results

Local Marketing SEOHow will you get to the top of Google search results? Want to know how to get your website ranked top on Google? If yes, just read on.

Indeed, one of the biggest problems that many people have is running their sites for many years hoping that they will get to the top of the Google`s search engine one day when it should not take that long. It is advisable that if it takes you more than six (6) months to be ranked high on Google for a particular keyword, then you should consider dropping that website and try something else since that is not working.

Without a doubt, there are higher chances that people will visit your site if it is ranked top on the Google search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) will help you to get your site to rank higher on Google without the need to pay Google any amount of money so that you are ranked higher. The organic search engine results are produced whenever an individual type something on the Google that is related to your site. So, how will you get to the top of Google search results? Here are five easy ways to get to the top of Google search results.

1. Your keywords

One of the factors that will get your site to the top of Google is your keywords. Keywords are just the words that people will be typing into Google whenever they are searching for some information, services or products that relate to your internet business. For sure, there is a higher competition level for basic one-word keywords. Therefore, if you consider using particular keyword phrases of say two words or even more, there are higher chances that you will be ranked high on Google.

2. Update your content regularly

When you type a phrase or word into Google, it will automatically search its index and give results. The most useful website pages are listed first. Google always strive to provide its users with the newest information. Therefore, if your site content has not been kept up-to-date for several months, that content might be regarded as no longer useful.

3. Use keywords descriptions on your images

Though Google cannot “read“ images, it will read any description that you will give the images, pictures, and photographs on your site. An “alt image tag“ are some of the important words that the visitors to your website will see when they move their cursors over the images on your site. Also, Google can “read“ those words. Therefore, make sure that your images are labeled with your keywords.

4. Link to and from your site

The Google sees the links that go to and from your site to other sites as the signs of the value and the reputation of the content that you have on the website. Also, make sure that you create some links from your site to such reputable internet sites. Besides, you should link to any other pages in your site using your keyword as the anchor text. Anchor texts refer to the words that are highlighted and links to a particular page when clicked.

5. Publish content that visitors will find relevant

Your website can be ranked at the top, but people does not click on it. This simply means that you have achieved absolutely nothing. Honestly, your site should have relevant information that people can ready and understand well. Make sure that your meta description texts encourage online users to click on your link—the line of the text that is listed below the title of your web page when it is listed on Google.

6. Hire an SEO Company

There are many agencies out there that can take care of your SEO efforts such as search engine optimization company. These firms are specialized in search engine visibility and are capable of handling all areas of this type of marketing in a professional manner.


For sure, all internet marketers know that being ranked high on Google search engine is one of the best marketing practices. However, many of them don`t know how to optimize their sites to make them friendly to Google search engines. The above are just some tips on how to get your website to the top of Google search results. These simple tips include using your keywords, making sure that your content is updated on a regular basis, and linking to and from your website. Other tips include publishing content that all your visitors will find relevant, and using keyword descriptions on your images among many others.

Virtual Reality and Its Applications

What is ‘Virtual Reality?’

Virtual reality just means ‘near-reality.’ It involves the simulation of real life experiences so that they look almost real. It presents to a person a computer-generated environment which he or she can explore in some way. The computer-generated environment is three-dimensional, and the person immersed in it can manipulate objects as well as perform a series of actions while there.

How is virtual reality achieved?

Virtual reality is achieved by the use of computer technology with the aid of special gloves, omnidirectional treadmills, and headsets. Together, they stimulate the senses to create an illusion of reality.

Applications of the Technology

Most people erroneously think that virtual reality is all about video games. But they can be forgiven putting in mind that video games are so ubiquitous today, and it is probably the only virtual reality application they come across each day.

Virtual reality is not just about video games. There is a host of cool and exciting applications of the technology. The technology is useful in the military, education, healthcare, entertainment, fashion, engineering, sport, media, scientific visualization, construction, film, heritage, business, etc.

In education, students can be immersed in an entirely strange world, for example, the World of Comenius, and here they can learn about anatomy and drill down into the different parts and systems of a human body.

In Japan, scientists are working on a virtual reality simulation that can train people how to cope with disasters such as a tsunami.

Artists are not being left behind. Remember that 3D drawing and painting are soon becoming a reality. The Oculus Story Studio is deep in the works of coming up with software that will permit artists who use haptic devices and a virtual reality headset to improve their digital art. HTC is also working on a Google 3D painting app called the Tilt Brush.

In the medical field, advances are being made to integrate the technology in the treatment of certain conditions. For instance, there is research showing that virtual reality can be very instrumental in the alleviation of depression, alcoholism, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Researchers are also exploring the possibility of virtual reality technology easing hospital experience.

In aviation, one French airline is at advanced stages of introducing virtual reality into their flights on a pilot project, thereby intending to relieve the usual tedium of flying. Once operational, people can enjoy the sights and sounds of some virtual scene. Alternatively, passengers can be exploring their intended destination in full 3D.

In sport, the technology can be used to train athletes. In this case, virtual reality will allow a player to test and view their reactions to certain situations repeatedly without actually being on the football field or pitch.

Not to be left behind, social lives are also being impacted by this technology. Virtual strip clubs are coming up. There is a firm that is investing in virtual reality in a bid to offer sex therapy so as to improve people’s sex lives.

In a more serious scene, designers and architects will soon be relying on virtual reality to review the design of a building and iron out any faults before laying the foundations.

The entertainment industry is obviously a major beneficiary of the technology. There are some seismic changes relating to filmmaking using virtual reality. There is a host of virtual reality projects underway, and they have already been featured in some popular festivals- think the Sundance Film Festival.

There are some media stations that have begun investing in 360-degree news videos that can be viewed on the normal screen. This is intended to take viewers straight into the heart of happenings of news subjects with the use of virtual reality.

The Features of VR Systems

Despite the fact that virtual reality systems are different, they share certain characteristics. For example, they all permit a person to view 3D images which appear life-sized to the viewer.

The images also move as the viewer moves around the environment and corresponding to the change in the field of vision. That is so as to offer a seamless join between a person’s head and eye movements which will elicit the right responses. Thus, the virtual environment will be both enjoyable and realistic.

The problem, however, is when there is a delay between a person’s actions and the system response. This will interfere with the virtual experience. The aim of virtual reality is to provide a natural, free-flowing kind of interaction that will result in a memorable experience.

New upcoming Technology markets

Over the previous few years, technology markets have transformed the world in a significant way. New technologies have changed the way we do our daily activities, the web is one of the technologies that have revolutionized the world, it has changed the way interact (social media), shop, buy, communicate, manage tasks and share information. Every day new and exciting technologies are being invented to automate tasks and make our life much easier and efficient. Some technologies are developed then die after a short period, but others continue to impact on our daily life in a bigger with every passing day. Today there are new upcoming technologies that are becoming popular and significant day after day and the trend consistent and not likely to change any soon. Below are new upcoming technology markets that will dominate and become popular in the coming years.

Data security market

Automation of virtually every business process, organizations operations, and people’s daily lives demand management of sensitive data. The major factor that powers automation is the ability of management systems to process and store data. Organizations deal with sensitive customer data every day, this data and information need to be secured to ensure that the client’s privacy is maintained. Other institutions like banks, hospitals, and insurances need the information of their client to operate; this information is at high risk of being attacked by a hacker, and this calls for data security. As many organizations continue to go digital the need for data security continue to rise, the data security market will be the backbone of other technologies by helping protect and manage their data for efficient operations.

Wearable technology market

Tech is moving forward at an alarmingly fast pace, the demand for wearable devices is booming. Since Google glasses were launched the wearable device market is booming, many people are demanding to have these wearable devices. Many companies are putting good money into the development of wearable devices as they believe they are the future of and will be used more than desktops or tablets in the future. In the coming years, research and predictions from technology experts show that more people will use wearable devices to communicate, manage their daily lives among other essential activities. Wearable device market is already a hot market, companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are in the forefront to invest in these technologies with devices and operating systems designed to work with these devices.
Robots and drone
The trend has made it obvious we will require drones and robot more than before, robots and drones will be used to execute a range of tasks from simple tasks to complex tasks. We have seen different organization relying on drones and robots in their daily operations. One of the reasons that drones and robots are gaining popularity is because they lower the cost of operation and are fast to execute tasks. If the trend continues more organization will embrace the use of drones and robots for their daily operations to save on cost, become efficient and more productive.

Mobile payment
The use of mobile devices has already surpassed the use of desktops. Statics are showing that people are spending more time on their mobile devices than desktops. On the other hand, many organizations are using virtual services, and the number of freelancers is increasing every day, this call for a secure, convenient and reliable form of payment. Freelancers and virtual assistants want payment method that is accessible from their devices. Different classes of people also want a form of money transfer that is accessible via their mobile devices because they spend most of their time on mobile devices. There is much demand for mobile payment in the future, and the market will continue to grow to solve the needs of the customers.
Internet of Things

Internet of things is a concept that has been developing over time and now it is starting to witness massive adoption by individual as well as organizations. The concept of Internet of things is a situation where different things like homes, street lights, and cars will be automated and connected to the cloud. It is a future where all the devices are connected to the cloud, and their data is compiled, studied and used to make these “things” more efficient via the use of artificial intelligence. The technology of smart things will become more popular and lead to the growth of its market.

Wisdom from the sharpest business minds

Being an entrepreneur is not about the result, but the actual journey that you embark on in pursuit of your dream. For you to succeed, you have to look past your failures and reach for your goals with unrelenting persistence.

The most valuable tools that you need as an entrepreneur are mentors, networks, and relationships. Starting a business from scratch and running it is always a learning process and the best way to save you a lot of time and painful lessons is finding out what has or hasn’t worked for people who have been there and done that.

In this article, we are going to share the best advice from some of the most successful entrepreneurs.

(1)Dave Ramsey

In addition to hosting the radio talk show, “The Dave Ramsey Show”, he is also an acclaimed author. He is also the CEO of The Lampo Group, Inc., a company that offers expertise on money management through a variety of programs including the Financial Peace University all of which are designed to help people gain control over their personal finances.

Ramsey speaks of the importance of starting your business on the right foot financially. He says that starting and running your business debt free may mean that your business grows slower, but it is the surest way of avoiding a lot of risks and growing your business on a much more solid foundation.

(2)Gurbaksh Chahal

Dropping out of high school, he started Click Agents, which he would later sell for $40 million. When he reached 25 years old, he started Blue Lithium, which he sold to Yahoo! for $300 million. He is currently the CEO of the advertisements network RadiumOne, which is his third start-up.

His mantra is: “hire smart”. He says that to put your business on the way to success, you have to hire based on hunger, passion, and creativity. He says that before he hires a person he mainly looks for two answers. “’Is the person an entrepreneur and what is his or her level of hunger?’’ While there are no guaranteed blueprints for success, the odds are sure to accelerate in your favor when smart people are working in unison.

(3)Mark Cuban

He is a self-made billionaire who has a net worth of $3 billion. He is the owner of the basketball team Dallas Mavericks and an investor on the popular television show Shark Tank.

According to Cuban, whether you have achieved your goals or are still pursuing them, you must always give it your A-game. Always work as if there is someone working against you 24 hours a day to take your achievements from you. With that mentality, you will always pour in more effort. You have to have an unwavering passion and unrelenting enthusiasm to reach for your dreams because someone else is trying the same thing.

(4)Vick Vaishnavi

He guided his small start-up company, BladeLogic to an IPO and it was eventually acquired by BMC Software for nearly $1 billion. He then helped guide BMC Software to remarkable heights, helping it achieve its all-time stock high despite the recession.

He advises in the importance of a proper marketing strategy. He says that for your product to have an edge over the competition, you have to identify the key differentiator of the product over what is already in the market. If your product is not unique, then you are just one of the many copycats in the marketplace.

(5)Daymond John

This “Shark Tank” investor had a budget of only $40 when he started his clothing company FUBU. Today, FUBU boasts of over $6 billion in global sales and John is worth around $250 million.

John was recently asked on a podcast by business coach Lewis Howes about what separates billionaires from the rest of the pack. His answer was three-fold:

(i)When they launch a business, they always make themselves as frugal as possible. They act as though they have nothing because they know that when their backs are up against the wall, they have little options other than to be creative.

(ii)They make sure they write everything down. Richard Branson also attributes his success to the act of always jotting things down.

(iii)They think on a large scale. For example, a billionaire looking to invest in a business that relates to cars will not want to know how many cars there are in the world, not just in one city or country.

(6)Lisa Druxman

She is the founder and CEO of Stroller Strides. Her business grew from a personalized workout she came up with to do with her baby to one of the biggest franchises in America.

She advises on the importance of creating systems throughout the business to ensure that all things are consistent in the business. This will help others besides you to easily execute your vision.